Blackpen creates, develops and promotes the image of your business. In our portfolio you will find local, international and even overseas clients, who have put all their trust in us and have triumphed. Our goal is reflected in efficiency, creativity being the perfect fuel for the real impact of each brand we have left our mark on.

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Arad, Str. Corneliu Coposu nr. 24/C Romania

Azur Solar

It’s time to take control of your electricity costs by integrating energy

Bake Me Happy

If you are craving something sweet, you are awaited with a variety of pastries and bakery products,

Steam Time

Your mobile steam laundry is here! Premium steam cleaning services for your car,

La Femmé Studio

Aura’s make-up studio is based on the sense of color, symmetry, shape, but also aesthetics.


Lucor Premium Construct makes your home the home of your dreams, a true work of art that


E-Sys provides you with a wide range of services for the field of electrical installations

Tiny Stove

This mini-stove is more than a source of heat, it’s an essential part of a Tiny House.

Alexandra Andreia

Micropigmentation, tattooing and eyebrow maintenance involves more than creating a perfect

Epil Evolution

The Epil Evolution Center located in Arad, but also in Timișoara, specializes in permanent epilation


This architecture office reflects the continuous research of contemporary domestic architectura

Astra Shine

Since the beginning, Astra Shine has followed its mission of bringing the best personalized cleaning

Hotel Xemar

Xemar Hotel opened its doors to its customers starting on October 1st 2006 and is located on the main


Whether you need a new chair for your living room, a stylish kitchen table or a different drawer to help you


Promoting nutrition and a healthy lifestyle without pills and miracle remedies is in high demand nowadays.


If you are looking for the best activities that the little ones prefer, at Yupiee you will find exactly what you

Green House

There’s a new wonderful place away from the hustle of the city, where you can organize parties, anniversaries,


As an accounting firm, Starcount provides specialized services, tax assistance and consulting, expertise


FDR Transolution constantly establishes optimized networks in national and international land transport.

Veranda Restaurant

Veranda Restaurant offers you a new culinary repertoire of modern dishes, ready to satisfy even the most

Helvetica Group

Founded in 2001, Helvetica Group is a company operating on the Romanian market for the import,

Il Napoletano

Pizzeria Il Napoletano welcomes you with pizza assortments prepared according to authentic Italian recipes,

Victor Cake Shop

With healthy and natural ingredients, chosen especially for those who know the refined taste of cake shops


Urbio reinvents the way to live well, inspired by current and future real estate trends alike.

Hotel Crișana

Crișana has under its auspices a 3-star hotel, a restaurant and a hall specially arranged for events, in

Snooze Coffee

Snooze Coffee is a cafe that was created in a spectrum that goes beyond the standard barriers,

Eviva Aqua

The benefits of natural mineral waters are known everywhere. Eviva Aqua produces and delivers high


Sinfarm puts people first as well as everyone’s health. A new pharmacy that brings accessible and


The transport, handling, storage and security of materials are the most prominent aspects that

Filip Agribusiness

Filip Agribusiness ensures the sale of cereals and oilseeds, such as corn, wheat, barley, rape and sunflower

Select Cars

Select Cars is a car dealer company based in Arad, with the main objective of selling Premium second hand

A1 Bistro

A new potentially growing bistro in Arad is A1 Bistro. Whether you want to run away from the hustle of the

Patricia Mureșan

Being a woman today means, among other things, taking care of yourself, paying attention to your physical


CityMED medical center offers you high quality healthcare services with the help of a team of doctors


“Our health is the most beautiful and richest gift that nature gives us.” (Michel de Montaigne).


Perioface is the place where your smile becomes untouchable. Periodontology,


Briteon comes with a complex range of related services ranging from cleaning, support, technical maintenance,


The development in the field of floor heating and cooling systems with radiators and centralized suction


Reststop is owned by a Belgian company that implements a mobile application that helps people that

Tom Oliver

If it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe, Tom Oliver has all the on-trend pieces you need.

Doner Box

The quality of the German doner will be found in Doner Box’s products, a reputable fast food.

Soft Coffee

Soft Coffee is a new coffee-to-go concept, where traditional coffee culture adapts to busy urban life.

Robin Food

Robin Food is the remote kitchen that guarantees a fresh and tasty menu and especially a great price.

Pro Arhitectura

Pro Arhitectura is an architectural firm based on the premise that large spaces require an artistic


National and international transport as well as the storage of any type of goods are the main features

Euro Travel

A top tourism company, Euro Travel offers quality services to meet all your travel needs.

Salt & Pepper

A special restaurant in Arad is Salt & Pepper. You are invited to experience a divine selection of dishes,


As an international freight forwarder, Weissman is a quality service provider certified in the field


Opticlinic is an optometric and ophthalmic cabinet specializing in eye health

Property Lab

We know that the process of purchasing a home or property can be tedious.


Kertec provides a wide range of professional cleaning and hygiene products and equipment, based on


Aradeana is a Romanian beer awarded in London. It is a brand launched by Arbema Breweries


e most remarkably cut flowers and floral arrangements from The Netherlands await you at Floralis.


Agricultural technology has been flowering in recent years due to the need of the Romanian


Athena offers a complete package of transport and logistics services for the transport and


When choosing a quality bottle of wine, you can receive more than a liqueur to enjoy at special times.

Din Ograda Noastră

From the freedom of movement, the 100% natural feed and to the environment, everything reproduces