Blackpen creates, develops and promotes the image of your business. In our portfolio you will find local, international and even overseas clients, who have put all their trust in us and have triumphed. Our goal is reflected in efficiency, creativity being the perfect fuel for the real impact of each brand we have left our mark on.

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About us

Blackpen is a creative studio specializing in developing your company`s image. We form a dynamic team of creative, visionary and passionate young designers, graduates in visual arts and marketing. We believe that life requires daily ingenuity, so we like to stimulate creative impulses every day. Our signature is the daring, constant entrepreneurial approach, consistent with ever-changing rules and genuine, intelligent settlement in the most difficult context. We are characterized by creating links between the visual characteristics of a product or brand and the descriptive words. The challenging situations in today`s markets are those that have developed our professional experience, rigor and meticulousness, while essence at the core of creativity makes us empathetic, receptive and firm. We invite you to take a look in the projects section for a summary of our portfolio of clients belonging to Romania, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Austria, France, Spain, China and even The United States of America.


  • > Branding
  • > Graphic design
  • > Interior design
  • > Indoor outdoor printing
  • > Offset and digital printing
  • > Packaging
  • > Web design
  • > Web development
  • > Web hosting
  • > Social media management
  • > Copywrite
  • > Strategy & positioning


Our branding strategy responds to the simplest 5 questions: how, what, where, when, and to whom do we want to convey the message? We do our homework, we do the necessary research. We learn the needs, customs and wishes of your current and potential customers. Most importantly, we know what they think and build on this basis.


For us, graphic design is art with a purpose and involves a systematic creative plan to solve a problem and achieve goals through images, symbols, letters. We give your brand aesthetic expression with a business card, flyer, poster, or personalization of work tools.


Blackpen chooses creative and avantgarde solutions for space planning and interior detailing. Through a wide-ranging approach, we embrace diversity, having as its primary objective the superior design quality always in the trend.


You may not have known this, but there are different types of prints. Depending largely on the destination of the printed material, the interior and exterior print require complex handling and techniques. Our services are not limited to easy-to-read materials, but extend to large banners and outdoor posters.


We already know that any design matches a certain range of colors and prints. As a result, we can answer any type of customer and any size of offset and digital printing.


Blackpen develops fast, innovative and dynamic ideas for our customers every day. Unlike other designs, the product packaging is very delicate. That’s why we master the latest trends in packaging design and we dress your product with fashionable “clothes”.


Web design services will always be impeccable. Your webpage’s website is perhaps the most important exposure of what it is, it needs to be explicit, airy and aesthetically pleasing. We are here to meet these goals.


The Internet is the way we take every day to interact with the world around us. Our primary role as web developers is to send information to as many people as possible. Due to the rapid pace of change in this industry, we are committed to keeping up with the news and trends of web development.


What remains to be done after creating a brand and implementing it online? Let’s take care of him, give him a host. Hosting is another task that you do not have to worry about.


Social network management goes beyond posting updates on your company profile. It also includes commitment to your audience and the search for new opportunities to increase visibility and accessibility.


Beyond the image and the symbol, there are the words. We strive to join them in the most original and unique way possible, to give birth to a tagline or a slogan according to your brand.


Positioning strategies can be designed and developed in a variety of ways, being derived from brand attributes such as consumer type or even competition. We are here to design a favorable image of your brand in the mind of the consumer.